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Not Counted Among the Nations
We are hearing a lot these days about forming a global government. Today’s children are educated to be “citizens of the world.” High-speed transportation, not to mention the Internet, has rendered our neighbors nearer, and one nation’s garbage pollutes other countries; we can no longer think in terms of isolated domestic interests. Everything affects everyone. Many say the only answer to economic and environmental crises is a single world economy. The explanation for why it is warranted is that when nations prove unworthy of guaranteeing human rights, the international community must take over.  

And it has been taking place right under our noses. Para-governmental “think tanks” behind the scenes guarantee that no matter who is elected, the end result still turns out to be the same (with a few notable exceptions). “Emergency management” protocols were put in place in case anyone tried to buck the process, and now we see them playing out right in front of our eyes.

Some do vehemently oppose this idea, often in the name of YHWH. But what is all the fuss about? What’s wrong with enforcing human rights?

Nothing per se. But totalitarian governments invariably end up clamping down and suppressing human rights rather than guaranteeing them. Why does that consistently occur? It is because, having vilified and discouraged the means by which people can foster self-restraint (the respect for Elohim and the sacrifice of one’s own interests for others’ good), they find they have to use force to achieve the same. But it only works to a limited extent, and the overlords always find themselves unloved even if feared.

And who’s to guarantee that the dictator will be benevolent? It is a rarity for someone to get that high up without stepping on lots of people along the way. And it is all the more ominous now that they are coming right out and saying that for such a world order to work, the population of the world has to be decimated; there are just too many of us that don’t fit their image of an ideal citizen (as if they had the right to judge what Another has made)!

But this kind of thing did not start with the Marxists or the Nazis. Such a homogenizing of many nations under one crown has been aimed at all through history. It started with the first Babylon, and, when that failed, resurfaced in Egypt, Assyria, then the resurgent Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. We could add the Muslim empires to this list as well. All of these empires subdued smaller kingdoms and made their own (ever-more-sophisticated) culture into the pattern the conquered peoples were expected to follow. Sometimes they divided and resettled those from the former nations all throughout their empires to increase the “melting pot” effect.  

But you may have been surprised by the mention of a “first Babylon” before Egypt. You may not know it as such, but it is not an anachronism; it was just very short-lived. It is better-known by its Hebrew name, Bavel (Babel). And why is this so significant? Because not just the tower, but the culture of Babel was built in direct rebellion against YHWH’s command to spread out and fill the earth after Noah’s Flood. He put limits in place to avoid this occurring again on such a scale. The later empires were not allowed to rise until people groups had migrated far enough that they could never all be conquered at once—until now, when technology and travel and a truly-worldwide language have made it possible again.

But it was supposed to be rough going. He had some things to accomplish on earth, and both before and after the Flood things got so out of control that that YHWH saw that if he left things unchecked, the humanity He had made would be destroyed, both by themselves and those “extraterrestrials” (not from other planets, but angelic beings from another realm) who had influenced them and actually intermingled their genes with humans, having offspring called Nefilim (“fallen ones”).

Genesis 6 tells it all: “The wickedness of man became great; all flesh corrupted its way…and the earth was filled with violence.” Around 1900, G. H. Pember already saw through the supposedly-revolutionary “new” philosophy that it is only faulty restrictions that make men rebel: “The fitness of man for a condition of extreme liberty, and the worth of a trust in an innate justice supposed to lie at the bottom of the human heart, have been already tested by the great creator” and found to be lacking. As our own founding fathers were well aware, a free society can only work when there is a foundation of righteousness based on the awareness of our responsibility to One higher than ourselves.

Pember continued, “Except for special grace, man seems incapable of bearing the slightest weight of power upon his shoulders without losing his balance… [YHWH] does not forbid us to search as far as we can into the laws of His universe, but He utterly refuses to aid or accelerate our studies… For the present, He would have us rather attentive to the moral renovation of ourselves and our fellow creatures.” What we did with the insights YHWH did let through, and the extent to which He did leave history up to men’s choices, brought conditions that were enough to make Him sorry He created mankind at all.  

More and more we are finding evidence of lost knowledge from earlier eras. Drawings have been found of apparent airplanes made in South America 1,400 years ago, and even evidence of electric lighting in Egyptian burial chambers. Ancient books from India described rockets and “the destruction of whole armies in one brilliant cosmic flash”—a nuclear blast? It makes Solomon’s words ring true: no new discoveries made today have not also been realized somewhere in the forgotten past. (Qoheleth/Eccles. 1:9) If a Greek mathematician figured out the circumference of the earth 2,000 years ago, why did Columbus think he was reaching India so quickly? It appears his ignorance (really the collective ignorance of his age) was the result of a purposeful world setback in knowledge analogous to Babel.  

In Noah’s day the gene pool was not as polluted by disease, so their minds were probably much sharper. With lifetimes of nearly 1,000 years to watch the patterns and rhythms of the universe, combined with no foul weather to contend with and no language barriers, how much knowledge could men gain? Yet the result was that humanity’s very survival was universally threatened. But YHWH still had big plans for this earth, so He had to turn back the clock of progress over and over, through plagues, catastrophic weather, or conquest by less-advanced but more-civilized peoples who had no use for the science of those who had turned it toward savage religious practices demanding the sacrifice of little girls whose hearts they ripped out, served up on a platter, and ate. In all our talk of “restoring tribal rights” and “multiculturalism”, such facts are suppressed. If we were to witness such horrifying practices, would we want to “respect all cultures as equally valid” any more than the conquistadores did?

Whether they had the same right to carry out judgment that Israel did, He specifically told Israel to never even mention the names of gods that would demand such lewd and cruel practices. The movies about demons being released when archaeologists unearth crypts that had imprisoned ancient secrets may not be so far off the mark. There may be a reason they were buried. YHWH loves everyone else too much to want them to be terrorized by the wicked; He wants to keep the world safe for the rest.

King Solomon, the paragon of wisdom, learned this in a different way. He had the wealth to taste the whole smorgasbord of human options, but saved us the trouble. He ended up in despair of finding anything of lasting value; “Everything under the sun is utterly pointless!”, he surmised throughout the book of Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes). It is a closed cycle of the meaningless repetition of birth, reproduction, and death. Dust returns to dust, and even the earth forgets we were ever there.

Unless we are dropped a line from outside the closed system, that is—and by adding “under the sun”, he hinted that this was indeed a live hope. Later Paul revealed more: all is vanity specifically because the entire world is in “bondage to decay” because YHWH has “subjected it to futility.” (Romans 8:19-22)

When the Most High… separated the children of Adam, He set the bounds of the peoples…” (Deut. 32:8) YHWH had planned for mankind to be scattered into smaller groups so they might know their limits and “maybe even seek after Him and find Him”. (Acts 17:26-27) But instead of submitting to YHWH’s slow process of restoration, they looked for a quick alternative, a much cheaper substitute that allowed for a high degree of comfort in the present life, giving them a false sense of having recovered something of that “Golden Age” we had lost. So He had to keep repeating the pattern throughout history.

Even government inefficiency is one of His ways of holding back man’s wicked potential. What evils would people devise if they had all the free time they wanted? Power itself does not corrupt, but it does remove many of the restrictions YHWH has set up to inhibit the corruption that is already latent in every man. If we would not stay within intangible boundaries, He had to make them unavoidable. Only when we are boxed in do we look for an answer from outside. 

Under the sun, all IS vanity. Everything is repetition and gets nowhere. It’s nothing but maintenance. But YHWH has broken into our history through from somewhere that is NOT under the sun. In Him, “your labor is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)  When YHWH subjected His creation to futility, it was subjected in HOPE.  

He did not play favorites with the existing nations when He wanted to demonstrate His truth and teach about the plan He had to free mankind from the curse in the purest possible way. He took a man who was past all hope of having descendants out of his own country, and created a new nation—a supernatural one. And if that wasn’t enough, He told that man to give back to Him the miracle son that was to make this possible, so the only way to get there was if this son could be raised from the dead. All trust in natural contingencies had to be burned away. This solution could never be seen as coincidental.

One of the few good things Bilaam the greedy Edomite prophet had to say was something that set the tone for how we are to understand our calling:
The people [Israel] will dwell alone, and not be counted among the nations.” (Num. 23:9)

Why? Because Israel is the way out. It cannot be subsumed under anything else. We are unique and our culture cannot be compromised. This is a culture designed by the Creator Himself. He told us, “Do not learn the ways of the nations… since the customs of the peoples are emptiness [vanity, pointless].” (Jeremiah 10:2-3)

So we are not to be part of that “new world order” whenever it actually begins.

That’s why with every attempt at world government has come the requirement of a universal religion. And, predictably, the Pope also plans to proffer a one-world religion soon. Actually, “catholic” already means “universal”, since the Catholic Church was invented as a combination of three different religions, so it is the expert at that! (Revelation 13) He will stand with the leaders of all the major faiths to persuade the world that a unified belief is essential to world peace—just as Constantine did at the Council of Nicea, where, however, there was in fact no quarter given to dissenters.  

So much for “diversity”! That was only introduced to destabilize entrenched cultures so it would be easier to persuade them to capitulate. Each faith, we are now told, is just one particular way of expressing universal ideals. If an eclectic creed that promotes harmony between all peoples can be forged, why not give up the beliefs that have led to so many wars? Or at least keep your opinion to yourself; we now have to rub shoulders daily with those of rival faiths, so tolerance is paramount.  

They envision a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, whether it is called that or not. But each of those previous empires directly suppressed the only faith that was both provided and approved by the One in heaven. It always stood in the way of those who wanted to do things their way. So it alone could not be tolerated. That opinion in particular has to be kept to oneself, or you will be discredited and laughed off.

The momentum is so great now that secrecy about the conspiracy is no longer considered necessary. So it is no surprise that recently open worshippers of Lucifer tried to hold rallies pushing for a one-world government. That is because it is that serpent in the Garden to which all of this rebellion against the limits is really traceable. He wanted a position he was not given, and since then he has tempted everyone else to be discontent with their lot—even though today the common people’s “lot” is far better than it has been through all of history. They have to invent straw men to react to.

All pagan legends (despite their many names) stem back to Babel’s first king, Nimrod, the human instrument haSatan used to instigate the ages-long conspiracy of rebellion against the “oppressive” Elohim. Because people bore a grudge against the “high God” or just felt He had given up on them, moved farther away and become less accessible, they felt they had to relate directly to other beings—lower gods, their ancestors, spirits, demons, or dead saints—as intermediaries, a pattern ever since Adam obeyed haSatan and cut himself off from direct relationship to YHWH, leaving us subject to the one we listened to. HaSatan knew that if man could be persuaded to “create his own reality” instead of sticking to YHWH’s rules, man would actually be placed under his rule instead. By trusting haSatan’s word over YHWH’s, man abdicated his throne, and haSatan became again “the ruler of this world”, now able to give its rule to whomever he pleased—or whatever puppet pleased him. At their birth, he received the legal custody of everyone who was legally represented by Adam.

We thought we became our own rulers—“like Elohim”—but that was an illusion. We cannot all be gods. We became like Him in one aspect—that we were aware of the possibility of abuse of good things, and it brought both us and YHWH sorrow, but we were now stuck in the corrupted version of reality and could not escape it. Until direct relationship with our Originator is re-established, each person is very much subject to a whole series of stand-in rulers, some good, some bad, some physical, some spiritual. As Bob Dylan sings, “You may be an ambassador…you may be the heavyweight champion of the world. You may be a socialite with a long strong of pearls…You may own guns; you may even own tanks. You might be someone’s landlord; you may even own banks! But you’re still going to have to serve somebody.”

Adam put all of us under haSatan’s dominion because Adam was the head of our race and he capitulated to the tempter. But there is a way to reverse this. In YHWH’s eyes the act of one man can decide the status of any who fall into a category he initiates. (Romans 5:12-19; 1 Cor. 15:45-50) So He created (partly from Adam’s genes but without the mutation that affected the rest of us) a “second Adam” who circumvented the legal category created by Adam’s sin. Someone was for the first time in the position to “crush the serpent’s head”, being the “seed of the woman” (Gen. 3:15), therefore preserving the pure human DNA. He thus created an alternative legal category—a “new race” in a way (but really a return to the original prototype)--to whom others could be transferred if they accepted his rule and his agenda, which was once again pure. Now we have a new citizenship (Philippians 3:20), not of the one-world order, which will demand things of its citizens which YHWH’s people no longer owe and cannot with good conscience obey, since they are “lawless laws”.

In this day of “artificial intelligence”, many seem to think we will someday make life perfect. People allegedly taken aboard “alien” spacecraft were told by those who called themselves a “more evolved race” that they want to help humanity achieve the next “quantum leap” in our evolution. The “old race” (humanity) must die out to make room for the “rising race”. Like “Rosemary’s baby”, some have even claimed to have been impregnated by those beings to set this plan in motion. But this was tried once before; read Genesis 6, the books of Enoch or Jubilees, or even the Greco-Roman myths about “demi-gods”. Something real had to be behind the legends, and this occasioned the worldwide flood to preserve Noah, who was “perfect in pedigree” (i.e., still completely human). Yeshua (the “father” of the true new race of which this idea can only be a counterfeit) never promised that in this age, haSatan would cease to be the “god of this world”.

Yeshua said conditions just prior to his return would be analogous to the days of Noah. That may not require half-human, half-demon Nefilim as such; a microchip or even a vaccine that incorporates chemicals that bond with human DNA could also make its recipients a hybrid that would render us—like those children born just before the Flood—no longer human. But it will backfire on them, but when it goes through one’s whole bloodstream, there is no reversing the mutation.

It will again reach such a critical mass that YHWH will again have to step in to intervene:

In those days there will be trouble such as never has been since the beginning of YHWH’s creation, nor will there ever be [again]. If YHWH had not cut those days short, no flesh would have been spared, but for the sake of the chosen, whom He has hand-picked, He has made the days shorter.” (Mat. 24:21-22)

This sounds pretty scary, but remember what Yeshua says: “Do not worry about what you will eat or drink… Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough concerns of its own.” (Matithyahu 6:34) That doesn’t mean you should not be as prepared as you can be, but these are not things anyone will be able to fully prepare for.

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3) We feel this way as we see this final uprising gaining momentum. But This does not surprise YHWH; it was all prophesied 3,000 years ago. Keep reading; like most psalms, this one too ends with a crescendo of optimism.  
This may have to occur. (Or could it be averted by fasting and repentance as seen with Jonah?) But if so, it is just so the best the natural world can offer can be allowed to challenge the pure faith one last time. YHWH is giving haSatan permission—pushing him, really—to “show his stuff” on the positive side also. Peace appears within reach, casting doubt on the idea of the depravity of all men since Adam. Cosmetic cover-ups can finally overcome the reminders—from bad breath to indigestion—that our bodies no longer agree with the world we live in because corruption has affected it all. Great leaps in the medical field seem to challenge even death as YHWH allows Babylon one more extreme and decisive occasion to make its bid as His rival for men’s loyalties. He lets every possibility be manifested so that no one can say man’s potential for a peaceful society without YHWH was never tried. But it will be found wanting. He is lifting some of the restraints only so the evil foundations of Babylon can finally be unmasked.  

The initiative is always YHWH’s; as we see from the book of Iyov (Job), Lucifer must ask His permission to do even the least of his dirty work. Any victories of his must follow YHWH’s blueprint; his dreams are not permitted to veer from the path YHWH has determined his rebellion can take. Since Messiah, Man is re-taking the earth for YHWH, but the world is also uniting its forces against Him. Yeshua’s blood removed the direct authority of demons over us, but they still have a job to do that serves YHWH’s purpose, and He sets limits on how much damage they can do. “Even the wrath of man will praise You, and the remainder of wrath You will restrain.” (Psalm 76:10)

And of some He even says, “Come aside, My people, enter into your chambers and shut the doors around you; ‘hide yourself’ for a little while until the wrath has passed by.” (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 26:20)

For some, being “taken away from evil” (Isaiah 57:1) will take the form of being persecuted and killed, but that has been the norm for YHWH’s insurgents into the enemy’s realm since the beginning. Yeshua even says not to be concerned in advance about what we will say if they arrest us for his sake: “The spirit of holiness will instruct you in that same hour as to what you shall say.” (Luke 12:11-12) It is a great privilege to suffer at the hands of this age’s powers for the one who suffered so intensely for us. (Acts 5:41) “Do not fear those who can only kill the body, and can do nothing more after that.” (Luke 12:4)

For others, there will be a Second Exodus, far superseding the first, into a gathering place for all Israel, much like our time in the wilderness under Moshe:

The days are coming,’ declares YHWH, ‘when it will no longer be said, ‘[As] YHWH lives, who brought the descendants of Israel up out of the land of Egypt’, but rather, ‘[As] YHWH lives, who brought the descendants of Israel up out of the land of the north, and from all the lands into which He had caused them to be banished.' Indeed, I will bring them back onto their Land, which I gave to their ancestors.” (Jeremiah 16:14-15)

Remember how He provided for His people during the first Exodus, when they ran out of food and water? Their shoes and clothing didn’t wear out either. Well, again, Yeshua told those who overcome that he will give them some of the “hidden manna”… (Revelation 2:17) Might he again multiply the bread that was hidden away in the ark of the covenant, stored up for just this purpose? Might He again divide even the largest seas to get us all back to that part of the world, if we no longer have access to the transportation systems that by then will be operated by the Babylonian system and only for its citizens? (Rev. 13:17)

As He has already brought Yehudah back, He will bring all the rest of the tribes of Israel, and at least some from Yehudah who have not come back will come back with us out of Babylon, which by that time will be ruling the whole world, weeping and asking the way back to Tziyon (Zion). (Jeremiah 50:4-8) Both Houses of Israel will have one and the same shepherd ruling over us all. (Hoshea 1:11; Ezekiel 34:23; 37:24; compare Yochanan 10:16) 

Our exile was also intended to put us among the nations we were to influence. But as “the time of the restoration of all things” draws near, He is pulling us back together to function as a nation again—one separate from the rest, for it has a special purpose--to be a light to all nations as a “Kingdom of Priests”. The Torah specifies that Israel’s king must be one of our own—one familiar with our laws and who will both allow us to observe them as well as enforcing and explaining them himself: 

You may… set over you… a king whom YHWH your Elohim chooses… You must not appoint over yourselves a foreign man who is not your relative.” (Deut. 17:14-15) In other words, do not become obligated to anyone else’s agenda. The times when other kings ruled over Israel, it was a punishment. The “Beast” of Babylon has no jurisdiction over Israel; he cannot be our king, though he will fight to get us under his influence or make sure that if he cannot have us, no one can:

“Why are nations in a commotion, and peoples devising [a plan] in vain?  
The kings of the earth take their stations, and the heavily-honored ones sit together in conclave in regard to YHWH and in regard to His Anointed one [Messiah]: ‘Let us tear their bands [of chastening] and fling their chains away from us!  The One who sits in the heavens will laugh; Adonai will mock them.  At such a time He will threaten them in His anger, and terrify them when His anger burns:  ‘Rather, I have installed My king atop Tziyon (Zion), My one-of-a-kind mountain!’" (Psalm 2:1-6)

Then “the instruction will go out from Tziyon, and YHWH’s word from Yerushalayim.” (Mikha 4:2) Richard Wurmbrand, who spent many years in jail for staying true to YHWH under an atheist government, points out that in Hebrew, that word “word” actually means “a thing”, but not just anything that exists, but “the real thing”.  

The goal of a real global government (of which the other was a mere counterfeit) will then be realized—when it is safe to, when conditions are right and the tempter is finally restrained. The rest of Psalm 2, the beginning of which was quoted above, says the king that YHWH chose and set in place will rule the nations with a rod of iron, for he will not bend to any usurper’s intrigues. But this “throne will be founded on righteousness” (Psalm 89:14; Prov. 16:12; 25:5) “In lovingkindness a throne will be established; in faithfulness will he sit down.” (Isaiah 16:5) Now that is a big difference from a totalitarian regime that only seduces the masses until it has conquered, and then throws them away when it has no more use for them. This king is truly worthy of his crown. (Rev. 5:2-12)

Whether or not the current wave of is the one that catapults us into the trajectory toward the Kingdom from which there is no turning back, all the way back at the first impetus toward the restoration of Israel, Yeshua’s foremost student told us, “The true light is already shining.” (1 Yochanan 2:8) And so it still is. Some of our dreams have to wait until the war is over, but waiting until YHWH makes a better world to have our expectations fulfilled is not defeatism, but the only realistic way to arrive at genuine change. As the “salt of the earth”, Messiah’s community slows down the corruption and prevents the world from losing all of its redeeming qualities. But our influence can only last as long as mankind is willing to be taught, and that day seems to be fading fast. Yet in the midst of this chaotic world, we can already “taste the powers of the age to come”. (Heb. 6:5) The authority that will one day fully triumph over injustice can begin to triumph in our lives right now, changing us from within, with the implantation of a “new heart” and a “new spirit” whose compass is reset to the original standard. (Ezekiel 36:26)

Since this is the only way out of the endless cycle of futility, this counter-history which is Israel is now really the only true history—the only option with any real direction and progress. Only in Israel—as championed by its figurehead, the Messiah--does history have a legitimate goal. So, no, we cannot be subordinated to any other agenda. It will soon become obvious to everyone that all the rest are dead-end streets. But it will only make us more fully appreciate the eternal kingdom that is breaking in on us.  

With this, the universe opens up to us! We are no longer under obligation to the things that once drove us. The exodus is still a live option. A “Hebrew” is “one who crosses over from the other side”. YHWH is calling out from “every tribe and tongue” in the world a wildly-different people, an entirely new option. This community, known as the “called-out ones”, are forming the entity that Israel was always meant to be but from which we so often got sidetracked. We are the preview of what is to come—the evidence that the world will not always be in the hands of those who mismanage it.  

Everyone who is “in the Messiah” (counted by choice as part of his “lineage”, the restored human race) is called a “new creation”--not only different from what we were, but different from anything ever seen before! A rebirth is possible. We can recapture the wonder of having a Father whom the limits do not surround, so when we are aligned with His purposes (and only then), all things are again possible. The restrictions are lifted. But if we remain driven by any other unifying agenda, it can only be the same thing all over again. 

Stay unique, Israel, and true to your calling, beholden to no one but the One who has always been loyal to us at all costs, even sacrificing the highest civilizations when they hemmed His people in. (Isaiah 43:3) The day will soon be here when our loyalty to Him will count for more than it ever has. 

 So give Him all your effort. “Sell” everything you have to “buy” this treasure (Mat. 13:44-46). It is going to perish with the fall of this age anyway. Use all your resources for this final thrust. At the end it will be an uphill battle, and if it is “the hill we have to die on” so that, in Graham Kendrick’s immortal words, “the Lamb who was slain might receive the reward of his suffering”, still we will find that it is that holy hill on which YHWH’s king has been set.  

Risk all for that king, the Kingdom that is going somewhere, and not part of the nations and their vanity, for after that all nations will flow upward, saying, “Come, let us go up to the Mountain of YHWH...He will teach us His ways!” (Isaiah 2:3) With Israel’s king in place at the head of the nations, this will be the true fulfillment of the “desire of all nations” (Haggai 2:7). Don’t settle for the nations’ own faulty attempt. As Yaaqov told Dan in his dying blessing, “I will wait for your deliverance (yeshuah), O YHWH.”